How our Voting System works
Vote System technical side
Our Voting System will enable holders to make suggestions on the website and vote them up or down.
COMT holders will have the option to present their suggestions to the public, for a small fee (1,000,000 COMT). This fee is needed to prevent spam, and it will go directly to CVP staking contracts as an additional source of dividends.
CVP holders will be able to vote an idea up or down. Once an idea receives upvotes from more than 50% of holders, the team will implement it in the ecosystem. Voting will be free for CVP holders: 1 wallet = 1 vote, no matter how many CVP tokens you have in your wallet.
When a holder presents a suggestion to the public – including the idea, explanation, plan, detailed structure and usefulness – the team will add a reward to their wallet. The reward will be 0.01% of the COMT transactions inside the particular utility.
Example: A COMT holder suggests a game where COMT is used as the main currency. The suggestion is upvoted and implemented. A small percentage is added to the contract of this game as a fee and goes into the wallet of the holder who made the suggestion.
How to interact with vote system you can find in FAQ section on our webpage!
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