The idea…

Main idea of ecosystem
Community Metaverse is an ecosystem founded on the principle of a fully community-driven project.
Two BEP20 tokens provide most of the power in our metaverse:
Community Token (COMT)
In any world universe or metaverse, we need a currency that serves as its main fuel.
In our ecosystem, that is the Community Token (COMT) – it’s the official currency for all Community Metaverse products and systems (except in the Voting System).
With COMT, you can interact with all the features we decide – together – to bring into our metaverse.
Community Vote Power (CVP)
This token represents the voting power of the holders in our system. You can think of it as shares in the company voting power!
People who buy Community Vote Power (CVP) can vote in polls and choose the direction of our ecosystem’s development. This might be as simple as deciding which product to create and release next, or which exchange to become listed on, or which advertising strategy to adopt.
Holders sign into the ecosystem using their wallets, and the ecosystem gives holders different options for interaction – perhaps the metaverse’s DEX, or Metaverse Launchpad, or an NFT marketplace. Our holders decide what’s included in our Community Metaverse.